Unreal Day Schedule vs Die Gelangweilten Snapper

Da frage ich mich ja schon was in dem 9 Stunden Block WORK so alles enthalten ist. Ich meine – wann schaut der Mann denn mal Youtubes? Und 4 Stunden Schlaf klingt für mich wie eine Anleitung zum Kollaps. Anyway: beindruckender Tüp.

Casey Neistat Workschedule - Fan and Lazy

The snaps that I get the most are from people and it just says “bored.” Or it’s like a selfie of them and they’re like, ‘Bored. Nothing to do.’ How do this many people have all this time and no way to occupy it? You could build a city with all the free time that people spend sitting around being bored sending me snaps – of themselves – sitting around – being bored.

Casey Neistat